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Variable Life Insurance: Multiple Funds In One

What puts the “variable” in “variable life insurance?” This kind of life insurance earns its name because it allows you to take a portion of your premium and distribute it to a separate account. This account is composed of a variety of investment funds from the insurance company’s portfolio, including money market funds, equity funds, bonds, and more. As a result, the ultimate value of the death benefits is tied to the performance of these funds, making it a variable.

Because the value of the death benefits is tied to the performance of the investment funds, it can go up and down. However, the majority of variable life insurance plans feature a guaranteed minimum. But keep in mind, while this guaranteed minimum applies to the overall value of the death benefits to be paid off, there is usually no guaranteed minimum when it comes to the cash value of the policy which can fluctuate quite a bit for the duration of the coverage.

Due to the investment risks involved, variable life insurance is also considered a securities contract, in addition to being a variety of life insurance coverage. As a result, variable life insurance is regulated by Federal Securities Law.

Benefits of Variable Life Insurance

One of the major pros of variable life insurance is that allows you to pursue a variety of investment options while not being taxed on the earnings. The earnings will eventually be taxed once the policy is redeemed. A savvy investor can take the interest earned from the investment fund and apply it against the premiums, lowering the overall cost of the policy.


Variable life insurance policies may seem expensive when compared with other types of life insurance coverage but they also come equipped with a number of advantages. Chief among these advantages is the potential to reap tax-free profits. This can come in especially handy when a particularly large benefit is at stake, allowing the policy holder to provide their beneficiary with a sizable payout, tax-free. Heirs can often also borrow money against the overall value of the variable life insurance policy.

Variable life insurance policies are usually known for offering a wide range of investment opportunities. Although the exact amount of selections differs from company to company (and with each policy as well), it’s becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to provide a sizable variety of investment opportunities within a policy. It’s not unusual for a variable life insurance policy to now offer over 50 different accounts across a range of asset management styles.

With so many different accounts and investment opportunities to choose from, another advantage of variable life insurance is that the policy holder is free to change their investments, free from any taxes or additional charges. This allows for a highly flexible mode of investing. While many insurance companies set a yearly limit on any investment changes, it is usually a relatively accommodating amount, such as 12 changes a year.

Overview of Variable Life Insurance Applications

Although variable life insurance coverage is often more costly than other kinds of coverage and comes with a certain measure of built-in risk, it is still an extremely popular kind of insurance thanks to its many advantageous features.

Financial Protection

Like all life insurance plans, variable life insurance can be used to provide a family with a certain degree of financial security following the death of a family member. However, the potential to amass a much greater (and tax-free) payout, thanks to the investment funds, can lead to a greater amount of financial protection.


Thanks to its tax-deferment feature, variable life insurance can be especially advantageous to those in a higher tax bracket. If the policy is funded highly enough, the tax advantages could potentially offset the cost of the policy. These advantages can be applied in several ways, such as:

Education Planning

If a variable life insurance fund is started early enough in life, the overall cash value can be utilized to help in funding a child’s higher education. Children with a variable life insurance policy might also better qualify for federal financial aid, as the fund’s cash value is not taken into account by the government when reviewing things like the expected family income.

Retirement Planning

Provided that the policy holder will not be retiring in the near future, variable life insurance can be used as a tax-advantaged source of income in retirement, thanks to its tax-free policy loan status.

Estate Planning

Variable life insurance policies can also sometimes be used as a means to circumvent estate taxes by setting up a life insurance trust.

As with any kind of investments, variable life insurance requires you to take on a certain degree of risk. Although the level of risk is somewhat capped by the guaranteed minimum payout, you’re still taking chances with your money. For example, if you plan to apply the earned interest toward your premiums, under performing funds can suddenly leave you with a higher premium than you can afford. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Is Health Insurance “Kid Stuff”?

It’s faster than a speeding bullet!
More powerful than a locomotive!
Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound!
Look – it’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Actually, it isn’t either. And it isn’t Superman. It’s super medical expenses!

More is spent each year on medical expenses than on the national debt – many times more. And it continues to climb – more than twice as fast as inflation.

Yes, if anything deserves our attention it is Health Insurance. Some 50 million Americans are now without insurance and the number continues to climb. We may not be able to address the national problem, but we may prevent our family from adding to the statistics.

When should I get serious about Health Insurance?

At the earliest age possible getting affordable health insurance is one of the wisest decisions we make. Every year that passes without health insurance means higher premiums and the increased possibility that we may develop a medical condition – cancer, heart disease, diabetes – that could actually make us if not uninsurable, at least unable to afford adequate health insurance.

Your car insurance rewards you as you age (up to a point) but your health insurance companies know that the older you get the more it costs them to insure you – so get it while you’re young!

Is there any good news?

Yes, there is. Protecting your health is not only going to benefit you personally, but will keep your health insurance premiums down.

For example:
If you don’t smoke – good!
If you do – quit! The health benefits to quitting smoking start within 20 minutes, and continue for years until in many areas you progress to the point of one who never smoked)

If you exercise – good!
If you don’t – start! (Exercising even 10 minutes three times a week decreases the risk of such diseases as diabetes.)

If you watch your diet – good!
If you don’t – start! (A diet lacking protein and fiber, but high in refined food is one of the causes of diabetes)

More good news!
Getting affordable health insurance quotes can be made easier today than ever before – put the Internet to work for you!

By going online and answering a few basic questions you can get multiple quotes from top rated insurance companies. Within minutes you can see a side by side listing of health insurance policies and their rates.

This does not make health insurance rates inexpensive, but it does mean you can get the best health insurance rates available.

And that is a good thing!

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Tips To Save More On Car Insurance For Teenagers

This article explains a few things about car insurance for teenagers and young drivers, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know.

Cheaper car insurance for teenagers will be given out if they pass these courses. As they often have inadequate driving experience, these courses to improve their driving skills to be a better driver and minimize the chances of hitting cars. The rates will be will be higher but do not give up hope because there is some good deals on car insurance for teenagers and several ways you can save some money. Apart from that, it is also possible to get reasonable rates for your car insurance for teenagers if you add your teenager name under your policy. It is very common that your rates might double or even triple when you add a teenager under your policy, but you will get more savings compare to buying a single policy for your teenage child.

Teenagers get involved with too many road accidents than adults, hence the car insurance for teenagers are always on the higher side for them in terms of premium amounts. But then, there is also a possibility to reduce the premiums of car insurance for teenagers by following certain steps. If you decide to give your son or daughter a car, it is best that you also consider the price of car insurance for teenagers before making the move. The options car insurance for teenagers addressing society to be a policyholder and pay premiums it ensures that everyone other policyholders or charge rates and expert objective.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of car insurance for teenagers. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

Plus, some insurance companies who wish to provide cheap car insurance for teenagers require teens to take their courses or driving workshops in order to qualify. All of these efforts by the insurance agents are to keep your child and others safe on the road. Next, insure your teenager’s name under your own car policy would assist tremendously in acquiring cheap car insurance for teenagers. Insurance companies do offer multi-car discounts if you include more than one name or car under your single policy.

There are ways to save on the policy premiums if you have a teen driver, but the bottom line is that car insurance for teenagers does cost more. Several factors contribute to the cost of insuring a young driver, notably their lack of driving experience and historical evidence that they may not be as responsible as an adult. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of car insurance for teenagers. Do take note though that full coverage is normally about twice as expensive as just teenager liability insurance. If you own a car, car insurance for teenagers is not just an option it is a legal necessity. And you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Considering the factors that make car insurance for teenagers costly, there are things that teenagers can do to lower the rate of their car insurance. First, they should get enough driving experience to master the basics of driving as well as the traffic rules and regulations including etiquette. Find cheap car insurance for teenagers can be difficult because teens inhabit such a high risk category for providers. Insurance companies are being sceptical of supplying their best rates to teens because of the association between teens and poor driving habits. The rates of car insurance for teenagers are determined by many factors. Expensive rates do not mean that we got the teens the best policy. One parking ticket alone can send the rates of car insurance for teenagers sky high. Due to the liability of teenage drivers, the rates will raise proportionally.

That’s the latest from the car insurance for teenager and young driver authorities. Once you’re familiar with these ideas, you’ll be ready to move to the next level.

About the author: allows you to learn about and compare car insurance for teenagers and provides free resources for 17 year old car insurance. You have complete permission to reprint this article provided the hyperlinks are kept unchanged.

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Cheap Travel Insurance: How to Save Big Time on Coverage

When you plan to travel abroad nowadays, you might be totally surprised how abundant cheap travel deals are being offered both online and offline. That is, if you haven’t contacted your travel agents lately or if you have been hibernating in your own country for years or simply don’t feel the need for traveling. Anyway, the bottom line is that traveling abroad today is not very expensive as it was before.

Surely, it can be the reason for a celebration. But before you start contacting your travel agents for a quick booking of your trip, you have to realize that when travel is being offered at cheap prices, more and more people are traveling. And when people travel, it increases the risk for people getting involved in an accident. It should not be a problem if these traveling population buy travel insurance to protect them in case things would not go as planned. But the bad news is, travel insurance is neglected – the very reason why people lose their appetite for traveling in case something happen.

Normally, when people talk about travel insurance, they are speaking about wings falling off in mid air or plane unable to properly secure its landing gear. Although these kinds of scenarios are possible during travel and need to be taken into consideration for buying travel insurance, there are more minor incidents where you need to be prepared with and be covered like trip cancellation, trip interruption or delay, medical emergencies including doctor’s fee, hospitalization, and emergency evacuation, and property damages and losses.

In addition, the general perception of the travelers with travel insurance is that it is expensive. This causes travel insurance to loose its appeal to travelers. But this thing would stop because like travel fares becoming cheap, insurance are getting the right price it deserves.

And to know more on how to maximize you trip while providing you with peace of mind here’s how to get cheap travel insurance you need:

1. Check online for your cheap travel insurance. Usually, the Internet has more to offer when you are looking for cheap travel insurance. One great advantage of searching here is that you can compare instantly the quotes, different cheap travel insurance sites offer. You can check all the available coverage and single out your best choice. With a little time and work, getting cheap travel insurance is not a hard task.

2. Avoid buying cheap travel insurance directly to travel agents. Instead buy it directly from insurance company. Since travel agents earn big commissions, the cheap travel insurance you though was cheap, it not cheap at all. One more point: you can get travel insurance from travel agents twice as high compared to travel insurance companies.

3. Check your existing insurance. Usually, your home insurance would cover your trips abroad. If it does, identify the coverage you need to have that is not included in your existing insurance. This would give save you a lot.

4. Ask for the cheapest rates. Oftentimes, people tend to settle for the insurance that is suggested by the representative of the company. To get the cheapest rates, all you have to do is ask for it, chances are it would be given to you.

These are some of the best ways you can do if you are shopping for cheap travel insurance. But of course, there is no better way to save is to be careful all the time.

S. Stammberger is the owner of International Travel Comp. Your Budget Travel Guide to Cheap Travel.

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Why choose Aetna health insurance?

Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. is one of seven large insurance companies that provide health insurance in Georgia. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading health care insurance companies. Their mission is to help their members have access to cost-effective quality health care. This, in turn, helps members achieve health and protects their financial stability.

Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. offers a wide range of health insurance products, including medical, pharmacy, dental and behavioral health services. They also offer group life insurance, as well as long-term care and disability plans. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. works with individuals, groups, business owners, and colleges. Their products are available to individuals, whether part-time or hourly workers, or full-time employees. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. also has government-sponsored plans and serves Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in certain states. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. has even started offering pet insurance to help provide medical care for animals, without incurring high vet bills.

Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. is in all fifty states

Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. is one of the few insurance carriers that offer products in all fifty states. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. has a large network of physicians and health care professionals also. This includes almost one million health care professionals and more than 5,000 hospitals. Therefore, if you are concerned about finding physicians where you live, or where you have to travel, you can rest easy, knowing that the Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. network is national.

Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. offers many different kinds of plans. A recent innovation has been the HSA, a health savings account, which helps members pay off their deductible. So, even if your deductible is high, you will have help paying it off. This is a great way to keep your monthly premium affordable.

Many insurance companies, including Aetna Health Insurance, Inc., are also focusing more on preventive care and health and wellness. You can find many resources on the web site for Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. that will help members develop healthy habits and improve their fitness level. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. also provides information on chronic illnesses and other important health topics. This is all done as a courtesy to its members. There are many other benefits to being an Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. member. They offer discounts at restaurants, provide a nurse information line, offer assessment tools for behavioral health issues, and many other services.

Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. is also providing volunteer efforts to help the people of Haiti, and those who have been affected by the crisis in Haiti. The division of Aetna Health Insurance, Inc., which provides for relief efforts, is called the Aetna Foundation. It is currently matching the $ 60,000 in contributions that Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. employees have already pledged. They have also given out $ 10,000 to six different organizations that are providing services to Haiti. Aetna Health Insurance, Inc. is very involved in helping its community, not just through health insurance products, but in many other ways as well.

Sam Dicosta shares his knowledge on health insurance that makes you able to find the plans that best fits your needs. If you want to know about Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance Quotes, Medical Insurance, Aetna Health Insurance visit

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