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How to Stop One Speeding Ticket From Killing Your Car Insurance Rates

One of the little white lies most parents try to feed their teen drivers as soon as they get their license is that a single speeding ticket is going to spell death to their car insurance rates. It’s a good way to make sure that money conscious teens don’t drive carelessly on the roads! Once they actually have that speeding ticket in hand, however, the consequences of a speeding ticket become a lot more real.

Getting a speeding tickets out on the highways is easy, especially if you live in an area with numerous speed limit changes or spend a lot of time on the interstate (where if the speed of traffic is moving below 90 you’re doing good). All it takes is a second of inattention on your part and you can be holding a ticket worth hundreds of dollars in court costs.

The good news is, the court system knows how easy getting a speeding ticket can be. Especially for a teenager with a new license. That’s why they came up with a few creative solutions to slapping that ticket on your record and calling it a day.

Most drivers with their first speeding ticket will be given the option to attend a driver improvement course (driving school) and may, if they’re a young driver, be sentenced to community service. If they successfully complete the course and their service the speeding ticket will be dropped from their record. Why would the ordinarily more than a little money hungry justice system willingly give their drivers this kind of an “out”? Because they know it’s easy for drivers to drive a little too fast and they believe the lesson learned is more important than paying the ticket.

And by the time you’ve done 40 hours of unpaid community service in the hospital emergency room cleaning up after the victims of car accidents like the one you could have had you’ll lose the desire to find out how fast your wheels can go!

The good news is, if you successfully complete driving school and avoid a conviction your car insurance company is never going to find out about it. You see, your car insurance provider gets your personal information from the DMV. The DMV only has traffic violations on record that you’ve been convicted of, since you could be accused of everything and in America you get to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt by the court system.

A speeding ticket you’re never convicted of is going to have no impact on your car insurance rates, so that first ticket they bring home probably isn’t going to spell death to their chances of finding cheap insurance. Sorry moms and dads.

Of course, it’s important to make sure that your first speeding ticket is your last. It is possible for a judge to see if you’ve been assigned driving school before, especially if you get pulled over in the same county, and you’re probably not going to get so lucky the next time. So the next time you’re out on the highway take a second to think of your car insurance rates and let up on the gas pedal.

Your checking account will thank you.

Anthony M. Peck is the Senior Developer, Software Project Manager and Director of Business Development for For more information on speeding tickets and your car insurance rates visit them on the web at

The Car Insurance Assurance

No one can be careful enough in the streets. The manners of driving by different people can create simple bruises or at worst even death. Car driving is not an easy activity that millions of people do every day. It is a habitual activity that people master after long times of driving. It is inevitable that there are new drivers who do not know the unwritten and written rules of street driving. This immaturity if unrestrained will eventually result into a car accident. The comforts of the automobiles that people are driving can provide safety but only to some extent. In times of accident, this comfort could even be insufficient because of this drivers need to find another safety measure.

Among the safety measures that man can integrate to cars, car insurance can be of great help. The inventions and technological breakthroughs in the field of automobiles can only provide technical support. But when it comes to the general welfare of the drivers and even commuters, reliable car insurance will make driving more comfortable. Car insurance is an agreement of the driver or car owner with a financing company to help in shouldering the expenses in the conditions of accident and automobile malfunction- related events. It is a financial agreement that car owners and drivers avail from the car insurance company at different rates. These rates are also called premiums, which will be used to compensate for possible car financial needs.

In the United States alone one out of six drivers and car owners who are involved in vehicular accidents are not covered with car insurance. This statistic automatically means that one out of six individuals who are in need of financial assistance will be getting no form of help. On the brighter side this event can be avoided if car owners and drivers will avail their very own car insurance. Economically speaking car insurance policies nowadays are becoming cheaper and even more affordable to avail. The premiums needed to be paid are adjusting to lower rates due to the aging population, new innovations for car safety, drop in crime rates, traffic laws are toughened and there is a growing competition among car insurance companies. These current events mean that car insurance can be more affordable without sacrificing the benefits of the policy holders.

Car insurance is a must, simply because there are no other reasons that can excuse someone from not availing it. Car insurance premium rates are more affordable. There are many insurance companies to choose from in availing a car insurance company, which ensures policy holders that they are getting quality and competitive insurance coverage. Car insurance policies also aid the government in the registration process of vehicles both new and old. It creates a directory which is sometimes a more updated one, regarding the vehicles and the vehicle owners. Car insurance will also compensate for the damages caused by inexperience. The discrepancy in driving decisions through psychological statistics shows that accidents are usually instigated by inexperienced drivers over the experienced ones. Car insurance policies balance this difference by offering bigger premiums for new drivers. Car insurance makes driving more comfortable because people are aware that they are covered with more than just the car they are driving.

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Things You Need To Know About Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance is a policy designed specifically to pay off the mortgage debt, taxes and other payments, in case the borrower dies. When you buy this insurance, the company will pay your family death benefits and will pay off your mortgage.

Mortgage Life Protection Insurance comes in two forms–the decreasing term, and the level term. In decreasing term, the coverage of the policy decreases as the balance of the mortgage does. So that when the borrower dies, the insurance company pays the mortgage balance.

The level term type of mortgage life insurance payments do not change over the life of the policy, making it makes more appropriate for individuals who have obtained interest only mortgage. The premium can be guaranteed for the full time period.

Before buying any mortgage term life insurance read and analyze its terms and conditions. Consider that there are two life spans to account for, the mortgage, and the borrowers. A Mortgage life policy allows the borrower to choose the coverage needed based on the mortgage balance.

The borrower can choose payment terms between 15 and 30 years, and the mode of premium payments can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly. If there is a need for lifelong coverage, the borrower has the option to convert his mortgage life insurance into permanent coverage premiums.

Included in the mortgage term life insurance, is financial assistance, in case the borrower loses his job. If this happen, the lending institutions are assured that the borrower can still made the mortgage payment. Depending on the scope of coverage and insurance company, the borrower may qualify for living expenses.

To obtain a mortgage term life policy is not difficult. It does not require a medical checkup. This makes it more attractive for people who have poor health. It is also a good solution for people who wants to have a life insurance but who are to busy to get a medical checkup. You can get this easily get this insurance if you are under 65 years. One requirement for this insurance is that you be the only requirement is that insurer must be a homeowner.

Unlike the traditional term life insurance or permanent life insurance, mortgage life insurance covers many causes of death, including suicide. But this policy must be active two years. In a household, couples can insure each other with mortgage life insurance. When they do, the cost of the insurance is less than buying two policies.

There is certain information that the mortgage life insurance company needs before issuing insurance. Before the company can determine the policy payments, it needs to know the amount of home loan, the borrower’s age and smoking habits.

If you want to protect your home from foreclosure, then you need mortgage insurance. This type of insurance protects your family and gives the lender peace of mind. Take the time to determine which insurance company gives you the best value for your money.

Still looking for more mortgage protection insurance? Do you want more information on mortgage life insurance? We at are specialist in this area. With our free calculator, you can get many insurance quotes. Look over the additional articles we have on mortgage life insurance at Mortgage life insurance policies .

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Understanding Travel Insurance – Get Proper Coverage

Sales of travel insurance are on the rise, due to worldwide outbreaks of disease, threats of terrorism, and natural disasters. There are limitations though. Coverage is very limited by most travelers insurance if the traveler wishes to delay or cancel travel plans out of fear.

Such things as attacks by suicide bombers or or other terrorist acts and wish to cancel your travel plans they probably will not be covered under the travel policy. Should you plan to vacation near the shore and think about canceling your plans due to a typhoon that may or may not hit your vacation location the chances are it will not be reimbursed by the policy. Situations like these aren’t included in a travel insurance policy.

The point of getting travel insurance is to be covered for specific parts of a trip that usually don’t offer reimbursement in case a problem arises. Airline tickets and deposits for hotels can be included on a policy. This could happen when the person with travel insurance has to revise travel plans or not travel at all, or is stuck away from home and expenses for motel and meals are incurred.

Medical services are also covered by insurance should you become ill overseas and need medical evaluations. Insurance coverage is essential when traveling internationally because your medical insurance may not be accepted by the hospitals. However, each of these programs will have certain exclusions.

Most of the catastrophes that cause people to buy travel insurance are not included under the policy. Several policies do not cover terrorism at all. So, you must select your travel insurance wisely.

Even if travel insurance is found and it doesn’t exclude terroristic acts, there could be a provision that it will cover the insured only if there has been a bombing or act of terrorism in the travel area within a month. If a terroristic act in Europe concerns you to the point you will not travel to an adjacent area in that country or to another part of Europe, chances are traveller’s insurance will be of no benefit. Being afraid is not covered under travel insurance.

But fear is the catalyst behind the recent surge in the purchase of travel insurance. Paradoxically, most insurance coverages do not address these type of intangibles in their coverage. These policies will also require you purchase the specific insurance coverage you want (i.e. terrorism) within 15 days of booking your trip, or you will not be covered.

Many insurers did pay out for costs of meals and hotel rooms for insured travelers who were stranded in London during 2006, after the failed plot to blow up planes with liquid explosives occurred. Since no attack took place, people didn’t get their money back if they decided to cancel.

The cost of travel insurance coverage, like any form of insurance, will depend on which areas you want to cover and the price of your trip. The wise shopper can find travel insurance that will provide protection for many things including medical coverage and medical transportation, or even for delayed flight and lost bags. If you don’t want all the extras, you can buy a policy that covers a specific area.

There are some insurers who have begun to offer a ‘cancel for any reason’ policy. If you purchase this type of coverage, your policy will reimburse you 74 percent of the cost of your trip, should you decide not to go. Because this policy offers more leniency, it costs much more than regular travel insurance.

About 17 million travel insurance policies are sold in the U.S. annually. Purchases of travel insurance increased by 100% since the bombings of the World Trade Center in New York in 9-1-2001. Traveling has become more hazardous over the last few years and there has been a rise in flu epidemics and occurrences such as Chernobyl, due to this, sales of travel insurance is projected to continue to increase.

The thing to remember when there’s a major disruption that affects your travel plans, most cruise lines, airlines, and hotels will waive their fees and restrictions for re-booking. In other words, you are protected without buying an insurance policy.

This site teaches you about medical travel insurance. Visit this site for further information on travel and health insurance.

What To Do If You Lose Your Health Insurance, Georgia Resident

The state of Georgia has one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States. That is a lot of people who are currently without regular full-time salary. This number of people may also no longer get their health insurance Georgia benefits through their place of employment.

COBRA law was put into effect in 1985 to require employers to allow employees to continue to receive health insurance benefits. However, employees have to pay for their own monthly premiums. And often, the group plan they were enrolled in, as part of their compensation package, is too expensive to pay out of pocket, when you are out of a job. Group health insurance Georgia plans are often more expensive than similar individual plans because the health insurance carrier has to accept every enrolled employee, regardless of their current health condition. Because insurance companies choose who they approve for individual coverage, health insurance Georgia individual plans are often more affordable than group plans.

Unemployed persons who are currently using COBRA to continue their group plan coverage may be better served by researching all the different health insurance Georgia products offered in the state. There are several large health insurance Georgia companies with products, specifically geared towards Georgia residents. These are very affordable options with low co-payments and low deductibles, and affordable, reasonable monthly premium. And often, they are at a lesser cost than what it would cost to continue making COBRA payments.

Health Insurance Georgia Plans Come in many Shapes and Sizes

For example, Coventry Healthcare has some of the most affordable health insurance Georgia plans in the state of Georgia. But United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield also have very reasonable health insurance Georgia plans. You can choose from a high deductible, low premium health insurance Georgia plan, if you hardly ever need to visit doctors, but want a health insurance Georgia policy in case of an unexpected illness or injury. If you have a young baby, you would probably want a low co-payment health insurance Georgia plan, even if the premium is higher, because you will be taking the baby for check-ups every few months.

Some of the health insurance Georgia companies have interactive tools to help you choose the best plan. Some of the companies have hundreds of health insurance Georgia policies and plans for you to look at. If that is too many, then use one of their interactive tools to help you narrow down the policies. Some of the interactive tools help you decide which health insurance Georgia plan is best for you by determining the stage of life you are in. Another option for narrowing down the health insurance Georgia plans is to speak to a customer service representative for a licensed, independent insurance broker in order that they do all of the research and then just show you the best four or five health insurance Georgia plan options. Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to choose from four or five health insurance Georgia plans than to look at the hundreds of options out there. That can be a bit intimidating.

Sam Dicosta shares his knowledge on health insurance that makes you able to find the plans that best fits your needs. If you want to know about Family health insurance Georgia, health insurance Georgia ,group health insurance,affordable health insurance georgia,wellpath north carolina visit

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