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Insurance CRM software

Technology is frequently adapted to more and more uses, enhancing how people and businesses work. For service industry businesses, such as insurance agencies, insurance agency management software has been improving how insurance agents complete work for their insurance agencies. To create insurance agency management software, many web application development companies have been reading up on the insurance industry to ensure their insurance agent software will suit the needs of its users.

Some of the most highly regarded insurance agency management software operates on a web based system. Web based insurance agent software allows for great flexibility when it comes to working efficiently and effectively. Working remotely can give insurance agents a more comfortable work environment and reduce the overhead of the insurance agency by allowing the insurance agency to downsize their office space. Web based insurance agency management software also allows the web application development company to upgrade the insurance agent software as new features are created and existing ones are upgraded, as well as enhanced troubleshooting by the web application development company’s customer support team. These quick upgrades to the insurance agency management software also mean that the web application development company will do its best to ensure its insurance agency management software will be an industry leader and exceed its users’ needs for years to come.

Customer relations management is an integral part of managing an insurance agency, so the best insurance agency management software will have insurance CRM software included with the package. Insurance CRM software helps automate some of the customer relations management tasks freeing up insurance agents to work on more important assignments. CRM correspondence, such as birthday wishes, can be personalized and still automated, while standard templates can speed up other CRM correspondence writing. Full marketing modules also allow for personal touches, including targeted marketing campaigns with focused subjects that interest contacts. Some insurance CRM software marketing modules have customizable surveys that can be used to generate the most constructive responses from particular contacts. Others can include customizable newsletters that send out monthly news headlines pertaining to a particular contact’s interest, whether it is aviation, NCAA football, or foreign politics.

Insurance agency management software can enhance and revolutionize customer relations management for any insurance agency, greatly increasing their reputation within their community and the wider insurance community that they serve.

Comprehensive insurance agency management software can improve and enhance any insurance agency, whether it is an independent agency working with multiple providers, or a busy agency serving a single insurance provider. Web based insurance agency management software allows for enhanced work flexibility, giving insurance agents the ability to work from the office, at home, or nearly anywhere they have Internet access. Included insurance CRM software can also improve how insurance agents interact with their contacts and how contacts see insurance agents and the insurance agencies they represent. Investing in comprehensive insurance agency management software can be just the technology insurance agencies need to generate the results they seek.

About Impowersoft: Impowersoft provides cutting-edge applications and software that will leave your competition always a step or two behind. Learn more about Impowersoft at

Impowersoft provides cutting-edge applications and software that will leave your competition always a step or two behind. Learn more at Insurance Agent Software & CRM development

Who Really Are The Best Insurance Companies?

Ever sit around wondering who the best insurance companies really are after watching one insurance advertisement after another? Ever wonder what insurance companies you should stay away from after watching the news? Well, wonder no more.

Thanks to the diligent work of some reputable organizations that analyze and rate insurance companies, they have put together the answers to the questions you are wondering about.

Worst Insurance Companies For Claims Service

Let’s go ahead and get the bad out of the way so that we can move onto the good. The center of an insurance company is its claims service. Without the fear of having to turn in a claim in the future to get damages fixed, there would be no reason for insurance.

The companies that made the bottom of the JD Power’s 2010 Claims Satisfaction study must not realize how vital the whole claims experience is for keeping clients. These three companies earned a sad 2 out of a possible 5 in the “overall satisfaction” for claims service.

– 21st Century

– Commerce

– Mercury

Best Insurance Companies For Claims Service

The following companies on the other hand know that to keep customers, you have to honor your promise to pay their claims (if there is coverage). They also know that customer service is just as important, if not more, to customers during the claims process.

Of the top 6 best insurance companies for customer service that placed on the top of the JD Power’s 2010 Auto Claims Satisfaction Survey just one received a 5 out of 5 ranking. The next 5 tied for second with a 4 out of 5 ranking, which still isn’t too shabby.

1) Auto-Owners Insurance

2) The Hartford

2) California State Automobile Association (CSAA)

2) Erie Insurance

2) American Family

2) Amica Mutual

Best Insurance Companies For Customer Service

In every aspect of the insurance industry that has any dealings with clients, good customer service is key. Treat your clients like you don’t care or they don’t matter and you will watch your profits head out the door along with the customers that leave you for other insurance companies.

The companies that gives the Customer Service Champions award to each year understand the importance of this. To keep their customers happy they not only offer wonderful customer service, they exceed the expectations of their own clients in this area.

Here are the best insurance companies that earned the 2011 Customer Service Champions (in no particular order):



Auto-Owners Insurance

Erie Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance

NJM Insurance Group

Best Insurance Company Mascots

Why should you care about insurance mascots? They have nothing to do with the claims department or how good a company’s customer service is. You should care because they are important in the very beginning stages of the insurance purchasing process.

The best insurance companies use mascots to get potential customers to remember them when they are searching for new insurance quotes. Potential customers remember the mascot from commercials and associate the mascot with the insurance company. This association leads to contacting that company when they are ready for a new insurance quote.

Here are the top three best insurance company mascots that were recognized in an advertising study:

1) The GEICO Gecko

2) Flo from Progressive

3) Allstate’s Mayhem

The Best Insurance Companies of 2011

Fortune 500 ranks businesses every year based on factors that are more pressing to stockholders than insurance consumers like you and me. Still a company that makes the top of the Fortune 500 list indicates that they are doing something right with clients are flocking to them and staying with them. It also indicates that they are stable as a company and will be around in the future if you need to file a claim.

The top 10 best insurance companies as ranked on the Fortune 500:

1) GEICO (Berkshire Hathaway)

2) AIG

3) State Farm

4) Liberty Mutual

5) Allstate

6) Travelers Cos

7) Hartford Financial

8) Nationwide

9) United Services Automobile Association

10) Progressive

Todd Clay was an agent for the largest insurance company in the US. He now researches and blogs about the best insurance companies with the consumer in mind. Check out the latest reviews, rates by state, or grab a few auto insurance quotes in 5 minutes at:

Cheap Car Insurance for Teens from the Best Car Insurance Companies

As a parent or guardian of a teenager, you’re probably dreading the day that they ask to get their drivers license. Whether we like it or not, every parent has to face the reality that their teenager will eventually get their driver’s permit and then their license.

One thing is for certain; purchasing teen car insurance can burn a hole in your wallet. The good news is that there are ways you can purchase cheap car insurance for your teen. Some car insurance companies now offer teen car insurance at lower rates than standard car insurance.

How do you find cheap teenage insurance?

Most parents ask the opinions of family members, friends with teenagers who’ve purchased cheap teenage car insurance. They also check the yellow pages and search for car insurance companies as well as randomly calling car insurance companies for quotes. However, those who are finding the best deals are finding them on the Internet.

Do a Google search on teen car insurance rates. Then choose the first few companies that populate on the Google search results page and contact them for cheap car insurance quotes. You’ll need the make, model of the car, the year and the state you live in as well as how many miles will be driven annually, if your teen has a job, the car’s VIN, and some additional details. Aggressive car insurance companies offer greater discounts if your teen driver consistently achieves high grades

The state you live in will have a major effect on the cost of insurance. For instance, if you live in Atco, New Jersey, your car insurance will be a lot cheaper than if you live in New York or California. Regardless of where you live in the United States of America, you can find companies willing to offer discounts on cheap teenage car insurance.

Save time and money searching for cheap teen car insurance rates

If you are pressed for time and living on a budget, go straight to a car insurance site that lists the cheapest car insurance rates. All you have to do is fill out a form, and the website will provide you with a listing of the cheapest car insurance rates for your teen. Whip out your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad or even your laptop and you can get instant car insurance rates for your teenager. Those who report the lowest rates by the most credible companies always take the extra few minutes to receive multiple quotes.

Once you have found a cheap car insurance provider that has cheap teen insurance rates, the only thing left to worry about is teen driver safety. We encourage all parents and guardians to enroll their teen in a series of driver’s safety courses. Teens love them because they’re fun and they can test one’s confidence on the driving obstacle course and with key life saving and accident avoiding defensive driving manouvers.

Get cheap car insurance for teens from multiple car insurance companies with just one click at We provide best auto insurance rates with 100% accuracy guaranteed. Get multiple car insurance quotes and save on your insurance rates.

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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes from Multiple Insurance Providers

One of the most effective ways of getting cheap car insurance rates is by searching online. You’ll first need to identify the type of car insurance needed.

All American drivers (regardless of the state) are required to have liability insurance. This insurance pays the other driver when you’re involved in a car accident. It is highly recommended that you go beyond the minimum for greater protection.

In the event you’re in an accident and you’re physically injured, insurance plans will pay for your medical bills.

Finding a cheap car insurance quote online

How can you find cheap car insurance rates? There are a few websites show lists of cheap car insurance providers. This will save you a significant amount of time.

In the recent past, if you were looking for a cheap car insurance quote, you’d go straight to Google or Yahoo and do a keyword search. For example, after typing in “car insurance rate” or “car insurance quote”, a list of car insurance companies appear. Then get quoted by the first 3 to 4 insurance companies and compare rates.

Before websites started offering instant online quotes, you’d search for a contact number and call each insurance company for a quote. This was extremely time-consuming. Today, thankfully, searching for cheap car insurance is easier.

However, there is one important thing to remember. When filling out an online car insurance quote form, make sure you fill in all of your information accurately. This will help you receive an accurate quote. It’s also important to note that your driving record will affect the amount of money you’ll have to pay for car insurance.

The state you live in will also affect your car insurance. If you live in a high risk state where there are a lot of accidents, you can expect to pay higher insurance. For instance, if you live in Hauppauge, New York you can expect to pay higher insurance than if you live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The good news is, regardless of what state you live in or the status of your driving record, you can find cheap car insurance rates online.

Get cheap car insurance quotes from multiple car insurance providers with just one click at We provide car insurance rates with 100% accuracy guaranteed. Get multiple auto insurance quotes and save on your insurance rates.

Cheap Car Insurance


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How Consumers Find Low Cost Car Insurance Quotes Online

Gone are the days when people had to call and wait on hold for up to 30 minutes for car insurance quotes. Then after finally receiving an insurance quote you’d call another insurance company to compare their rates and have to wait on hold and provide your complete information once again. Thank goodness those days are coming to an end.

Today, you can get cheap auto insurance rates by simply getting an instant quote online. All you have to do is search on any of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and enter “auto insurance quotes” or “car insurance rates” and you will find a listing of various auto insurance companies.

Cheap Car Insurance

Regardless of your age, you can get cheap car insurance rates online. Although there are several car insurance websites that offer instant quotes, before making a final decision on what car insurance company to go with, it’s a good idea if you compare rates of at least 3-4 car insurance companies. You’ll also find out through this process what type of car insurance coverage is available and its necessity. For example, does the insurance company offer a collision binder? These are important things you will need to know. Remember, not all car insurance companies or insurance policies are created equal.

Auto insurance quotes
The good thing about getting auto insurance quotes online is that you don’t have to wait until office hours are open to find the best rates. You can get auto insurance quotes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, depending on what company you use, you may be able to instantly purchase auto insurance online.

Auto insurance rates
What will impact your auto insurance rates? The model and make of your car, the age of your vehicle and your driving record. Other factors affecting rates are where you’re located, your credit score, how many miles per day you drive, your age, how many cars are in your household, and special deals being offered by each car insurance company. The good news is you can get cheap auto insurance rates whether you have a good driving record or even a poor driving record (if you connect with the right company). A recently taken auto defensive drivers course will also lower auto insurance rates. Ask your auto insurance company about their maximum discount taking a defensive drivers course.

If you live in a state where car insurance tends to be on the expensive in (for example New York and California are currently the most expensive) you can still get cheap insurance quotes. No one should have to settle for paying expensive car insurance rates so get multiple quotes and inquire about all available discounts and their eligibility. Lowest car insurance rates offered include Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode, Island, Alabama, West Virginia and Vermont.

Want great savings on car insurance? Compare car insurance quotes from today’s top insurance providers in your area. provides best rates on car insurance from various resources and in numerous categories including auto insurance by state, vehicle and companies. Learn more on how to get cheap car insurance by visiting

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