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Health Insurance Bill And Tips Regarding Health Coverage To Age 26

If you have kids who are under 26 years old and are wondering how they are going to take care of their health insurance, you are in the right place. Quite possibly your child, or young adult is just starting out in life, is college bound or getting out of college, and bouncing between jobs, better and worse jobs, especially in this economy. He has no idea how and where to get proper health insurance to protect himself financially. Many jobs do not offer insurance, colleges demand it, and health coverage insurance prices keep going up.

But there is good news when it comes to baby and child health insurance. Included in the new health care law of 2010 there is a provision that will give many young adults a reprieve from needing to seek their own insurance in the individual health insurance market, but allow them to stay signed on with their parents on the family health insurance plan until the ripe age of 26. And there are a few other helpful provisions and new health and medical insurance options too.

In this article we will go over all the possible choices for a young adult, ages 19 to 26 to get health insurance for protection at this formative, critical, and risky age. We’ll consider getting health insurance benefits from their own employer at work, from their parent’s employer, in the private health insurance marketplace, from Medicaid, from the state based on income, and through the new federally instituted PCIP, pre existing condition insurance plan program.

Let’s look into the possibilities.

Getting health and medical insurance plan through a job. Even with employer’s costs rising this year for health insurance, getting an employer sponsored health insurance is still the best possible alternative for a young person. Likely, the employer will contribute part of the cost of the insurance, and offer choices between PPO, HMO and possibly other types of coverage. Despite the possible relatively high monthly premium, this is clearly choice number one for a young adult. The insurance can kick in within weeks of person’s employment.

Getting health insurance through parents work. The new health care law has extended the eligibility for children to sign on to the parents job-based health insurance till the age of 26. Also, the conditions for a parent to claim the child are very mild, so this is a viable option for young adults whose parents are working in a job with benefits. A child will be able to sign on any time during the year. An interesting benefit of any insurance obtained through work is that it can not be declined due to the pre-existing condition of the child.

Getting individual insurance policy. A young adult without pre-existing conditions can likely get a quite inexpensive insurance policy on an individual health insurance market place. However, chances are that a health questionnaire will have to be answered, and perhaps even a medical exam will be required as a condition for application. Despite the new health care law, persons ages 19-26 can be denied individual insurance if they have what an insurance company deems a pre-existing condition.

State or federal government sponsored insurances, including PCIP. Medicaid and other income-based state insurances have been available for a while and the eligibility is mostly based on income of the applicant. A good time to apply is therefore at the time between the jobs. If, due to income, or otherwise, a young adult does not qualify for Medicare in their state, and they have been declined individual coverage due to pre-existing condition, there is a way out: the new state, or federally run PCIP, or Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. Implemented following the new health care law of 2010, this plan provides an option whereby, at least until 2014, a person will be accepted into a reasonably-priced, high deductible, low copays health insurance plan which will not reject an applicant due to a pre-existing condition.

While long term costs and effects of these new plans are uncertain, young adults should take advantage of all of the above options that are available right now.

For more information on these health insurance plans, such as waiting periods, and additional, non-insurance health plans that get into effect immediately, see site http://highdeductiblehealthplan.org. In particular, consider all the health insurance options in the section on health insurance for children only.

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Tips on How to Obtain a Cheap Car Insurance

Getting cheap car insurance would be a priority of someone who lacks budget yet wants to protect one’s self and loved ones. Here are tips that can help you make your car insurance cheap in terms of money spending. These tips would not sacrifice the quality of your car insurance but to make it easy on your wallet.

The first tip is to ask for multiple discounts. You can insure two cars for the same price of insuring one car. Make sure to inform your insurance agent so that you can get this discount on your car insurance. You can have also a multiple discounts if your second car that you plan to sell will be kept on liability.

The second tip to get a cheap auto insurance is to choose comprehensive storage coverage. This is possible if you car will be stored for any period of time. You can save money by keeping the car insurance you have in a comprehensive coverage during the storage time.

The third tip you can do is to update your membership in an organization. A car insurance company may offer group discounts to members of organization like credit unions, fraternities, and sororities. Contact your insurance company about the list of affiliations whom they offer discounts to.

You can do also this fourth tip which is to stick with the yearly policies of your car insurance. Car insurance companies have yearly policies that you can choose from to save money. This means that if you select a one year policy, the rates of your car insurance would not increase in one year. Unlike the six months policy, the rates may change after that short period of time and you need to avail another policy.

The fifth tip is to lower your liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical payments coverages. How can this be done? You can do this by increasing the deductibles of your insurance car.

You can also do this sixth tip by rechecking your mileage. You can decrease your number of miles driven by minimizing driving to places that are near to your house. You will be asked by your company how many miles you drive to work every day.

The seventh tip which is easy to do is to get theft devices for your car. Your insurance company can give you discount on your car insurance if you have this. You can also opt to include window etching because you will be given another extra discount on your car insurance.

The last tip is you can combine your auto and home policies. It is good to know that many insurance companies give discount to their customers that carry auto and home polices with the same company. This discount can be from 5 percent up to 20 percent!

You can compare car insurance so that you can avail discounts on your insurance. Just make sure that these discounts will not compromise your car insurance coverage unless you will be protected.

If you are planning to get car insurance, visit AutoQuoteNow.com.  This site can help you obtain cheap car insurance being offered by car insurance company.

Tips on Getting the Right One – Student Car Insurance

Many times during car accident insurance settlements, you and the insurance company don’t agree on the cost of your car repair. The bad news is that the insurance company’s rates can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars below your actual repair payments. This means that you will end up paying a lot for your car repairs out of your own pocket.

A student car insurance caters to the coverage and budgeting needs of students. Various student car insurance rates provide for comprehensive as well as third party coverage. Insurance companies also offer discounts to eligible students so that they could afford student car insurance rates.

Listed below are some of the guidelines to be able to get cheap car insurance for lady drivers: * Discounted prices. There are insurance providers that have insurance plans at lower costs. This is especially advantageous for female drivers who cruise the road on a regular basis, or those who drive long hours, since there are auto insurance that give discounts for high mileages. * A car with a smaller engine is an advantage. * Insurance providers that have previous experience and have expertise in auto insurance for female drivers are good choices. * If you are 45 years old or older, you should opt out of including your children in the policy coverage. * Security enhancements to your car will help you get lower premium rates on your auto insurance. * Though adding security features is an advantage, too much modification won’t be. So avoid unnecessary changes to your car.

Cheap car insurance for lady drivers should be made available to all female drivers. It is important to remember that this type of insurance plan should be less pricey than car insurance plans for men. Insurance providers consider different factors before naming the premium for their policies.

Get High Quality Estimates You need to get your estimates from a shop that will do the actual repairs. Don’t just visit a random repair shop or service station and get a bad estimate. Insurance companies try to sort out your damages as falling in a selected range. For instance, they may assume replacing a damaged bumper shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars.

However, this really is determined by who does your repairs and the model of your vehicle. So always make sure that you get your estimates from a repair shop that is skilled in restoring your brand of vehicle. Doing this will give you a more realistic cost of labor. If the insurance company debates this estimate, make them provide you with another repair shop that can ensure the same excellent work. If they don’t offer a reasonable alternative, you can debate that their estimate is inaccurate and you shouldn’t have to agree to low quality work.

The best auto insurance policy should not only be cheap and has the coverage you need, but also has other benefits included in the insurance package. These benefits should be sufficiently able to cater to your other car care requirements.

A good car insurance policy is vital to every female driver. Because, though they are more careful than male drivers and not able to cause accidents, they tend to fall victims to other reckless drivers.

Cloude Raine always sees to it the quality of his work is fully delivered. Cheap online Automobile Insurance, Cheaper Car Insurance quotes provided by Insure and Go.

Getting Ready For SHTF: Beginner's Survival Tips On How To Begin Preparing For An SHTF Emergency Right Now


  • Author: Ronald Williams
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  • Title: Getting Ready For SHTF: Beginner's Survival Tips On How To Begin Preparing For An SHTF Emergency Right Now

Student Auto Insurance: 3 Tips To Make It Affordable

Unfortunately, when it comes to finding affordable auto insurance for students, many young people are tarred with the same brush. The general assumption is that young students are more reckless and, therefore, more likely to get into auto accidents. To make up for these odds, insurance companies are likely to charge you higher premiums. Thankfully there are a few ways to reduce the cost.

1) Good Grades Mean The Best Discounts

One way that you can help to prove you aren’t reckless is showing that you’re doing well in school. Statistics have shown that students with higher grades are less likely to be involved in auto accidents. Whether you’re in high school or college, many car insurance companies will offer cheaper student auto insurance deals to those with a 3.0 GPA (B grade) or above. The higher your grades get, the higher the discount you can hope to achieve.

2) Be A Safe Driver

If you don’t have the good grades to back you up – and even if you do – you’ll want to show the insurance companies that you aren’t a risk by keeping a good driving record. You should drive carefully, within speed limits and never drive under the influence. Being extra careful can help to reduce the likelihood that you’ll make a claim – and avoiding any claims is the best way of getting affordable auto insurance deals. Unfortunately it will take time to build your record.

3) Take Time To Research

Before you even get searching for affordable auto insurance quotes you’ll want to know the specific details of your car to make comparisons easier. Its age, model and engine size will all play a role in the price you pay. If you haven’t bought a car yet, it’s well worth bearing these factors in mind if you want the very cheapest student auto insurance.

It really does pay to research as much as possible before you make your final decision – student auto insurance is no different to other plans in this respect. The good news is that a number of services have now been developed to help make this as easy as possible. By inputting simple data, such as your location, current insurance details and information on your vehicle, the best deals will be sent right to you.

Although finding affordable auto insurance can sometimes be difficult, it’s by no means impossible. It will take a little time, but by using the internet and being aware of any possible discounts, you may be surprised at how much you could save.

If you’re looking for the best deals on student auto insurance , it’s easier to compare plans in your area than you might have expected. Visit Afordable Auto Insurance today to get a personalized list of the deals available, for free!

Zento Deals Reflective Student Driver Please Be Patient Magnetic Sign


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Tips For Buying Cheaper Auto Insurance

Ever wonder how to get cheap car insurance? With every cost associated with driving now soaring, every dollar counts and finding Cheap Car Insurance is more and more compelling. The good news is that there are several things you can do to get lower rates. Comparisons are pretty easy since nearly any insurer will provide Free Car Insurance Quotes.

One of the first secrets of how to get cheap car insurance is to shop around. It is important to know that the same coverage can cost hundreds of dollars more or less depending on the company you choose to patronize. Comparing quotes is absolutely essential.

Before you set out to find insurance, you should have an idea of what you need to cover. Different states have different insurance requirements. Most states expect you to have collision insurance if you own a car.

Don’t make the mistake of taking only the minimum amounts for liability unless finances absolutely force you to do so. Large amounts of extra coverage usually cost less than ten dollars more a month and can protect you from future financial ruin. Think about any hospital bill and you will see how inadequate the minimums really are.

If you choose to pay a higher deductible in the case of an accident, your insurance will cost less. You should reflect on what you are willing to pay as a deductible. It is a good idea to put this money aside before you need it. Then, in the case that you do need it, it is there for you.

If you want to pay less in car insurance, you should consider this while you are on the road. Safe drivers are often given a discount on their insurance. If you do not get into any accidents, over time the cost of your insurance will go down.

If you take a defensive driving class, you may be able to get a discount on your insurance as well. Many people have to take them to get out of paying a fine, but safe drivers can also take the classes and learn to be better drivers. Students who take drivers education can get a discount and some companies offer discounts for good grades, too.

Another strategy on how to get cheap car insurance is bundling. If you have a company you like for other kinds of insurance and they offer auto coverage as well, ask you agent about discounts when you have multiple policies like home owners, life insurance, and auto coverage. Almost all companies will also offer discounts when you cover more than one car.

By knowing what can offer discounts, you can save big money on insurance premiums. Even where you live can make a different so if you plan a move, check in advance to see which zip codes have lower rates. Every little bit helps and a wise consumer can really come out ahead.

Get your free car insurance tips and advice on how to get Cheap Car Insurance . Auto Insurance Chicago’s Cheap Auto Insurance guide will provide you adequate information on getting the best car insurance.